Float on the wild side
Celebrate the colours of Indochina and the soul of Asia. Our opulent 13-cabin Boutique Barge shows you a surprisingly different way to journey the mighty Mekong between the fabled ancient Lanna and Lan Xang Buddhist kingdoms.
The sexiest shuttle around
Pilgrimage trips just became younger. Touring ancient Buddhist caves can mean fun and joie de vivre. We’ve got cool tunes, gourmet canapés and plush daybeds. Mingle with a fortunate few and enjoy the laid-back vibe.
Entertain and be entertained
Players wanted on our floating lounge. Gorgeous decor, discreet service, curated cocktails -- this river den has it all. Charter our liquid theater for family celebrations, a rendezvous with friends or private events. An afternoon on the river, sunset drinks or onboard diner? It’s showtime.
Romancing the river
Roam the rivers of lands remote. indulge  in a deluxe vagabond lifestyle aboard our lavish two-cabin raft, perfect for a-la-carte cruising for a night (or two) or for cruising to a destination of your choice. The iconic waterway may be the star, but you are the ones calling the shots.
Take me to the rive droite
The boat is light and best in twilight. With just a daybed, our water taxi is the best way to feel the river. The butler is on stand-by, the champagne chilled and the sun about to set. It’s just right for you, or the two of you.